Secretariat of Ukrainian Awards aims at the following tasks:

•    To define the most dynamic, reliable, efficient companies, enterprises on the grounds of multiple-factor expert analysis, as well as to create a system of public moral motivation of those people, who reached the best successes in economic and social activity fields at national Ukrainian and regional levels;
•    To mark with the supreme vocational award the best fields companies and their specialists;
•    To favour promoting the best samples of goods and services to Ukrainian market, integrating Ukrainian enterprises into the system of international economic relationships, enhancing the level of competitiveness of local production in the world market;
•    To provide new possibilities to Ukrainian goods manufacturers and entrepreneurs as to organization of their cooperation with legislative and executive state bodies, as to establishing contacts and partnership relations with business and public  circles in Ukraine and beyond its borders;
•    To highlight widely and to provide the best business achievements with information support at the whole state and regional levels;
•    To direct the customers of various goods and services, foreign and Ukrainian partners, community towards the most active and reliable Ukrainian companies due to organization of their business processes.
Provided for realization of these tasks, the Secretariat of Ukrainian Awards enlisted the support of professional associations, as well as of national and regional mass-media (radio, TV, press), highly tailored field editions.
    Secretariat is also liable to organize gala ceremony of presenting the Award’s Laureates. Representatives of Ukrainian business elite, famous figures of science and art, chiefs of state organizations, regional administrations and field departments are going to take part in this event. The ceremony is accompanied with essential support of printed and electronic mass-media, radio and TV reports. Award’s Laureates will be presented a nominal diploma, a statuette in the form of lightning and Laureate’s breastplate.
Regarding the ceremony’s results, the catalogue of Awarded Laureates is published, and is directed to the President’s Secretariat, regional and municipal administrations, ministries and state bodies, professional and public associations, as well as to Laureates’ clients and partners.

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